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TSP KTM Group 300 TBI (EXC TE EC SX TC MC) 2024-On TSP Power Kit

TSP KTM Group 300 TBI (EXC TE EC SX TC MC) 2024-On TSP Power Kit

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** While installing this kit, we would recommend doing at the same time the frame T piece here, its not much extra work and removes a point of weakness in the cooling system now these are made of plastic.

This package suits all KTM ‘GROUP’ 300 Enduro models (EXC TE EC) with the new 300 TBI (Throttle body injection) engine.

This package includes:

  • A Billet TSP Head (Cap and Insert)
  • Reflash / Remap of your stock ECU with refined Power valve settings, improved fuel and ignition maps developed by TSP.
    • We recommend an 8 heat range projector plug for this set up – Here:  BPR8EIX or BPR8ES

This package makes a huge difference to the 300TBI over stock, with some key features being:

  • Drastically improved throttle response in the whole RPM range
  • Both Green & White maps are tuned and the stock map switch works like normal to select between the customised maps.
  • Smoother throttle response
  • Much better part throttle power
  • Better fuelling… some areas are crisper than stock for better throttle response, and some areas are richer for improved reliability.
  • Much more enjoyable to ride

As usual we offer a range of cylinder head options for this Power Kit. are as follows:

  • MEDIUM COMP – this head suits the majority of trail riders and racers who want better bottom and mid power and a small gain up top as well. The power delivery is much stronger and more tractable than stock and suits a wide range of riding conditions. Suited to 95 or 98 RON fuel
  • HIGH COMP – this head suits riders who want harder hitting power everywhere, especially down low. This head pushes the limits of normal 98 RON pump fuel at sea level but can be used in normal trail riding conditions safely in order to achieve maximum bottom/mid performance. If you are using this head at sea level for MX, deep sand riding or in very cold weather we would suggest running the softer/richer White map and/or some slightly higher octane fuel.

All TSP mods are designed and dyno tested in-house at TSP so you can be sure you’re getting reliable performance for local conditions.

Head Incl with ECU tune

Insert (Medium & High Package), Insert (Medium), Insert (High), Billet Head (Medium), Billet Head (Medium & High Package), Billet Head (High)

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