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TSP KTM Group 125 TBI 2023-On Power Kit

TSP KTM Group 125 TBI 2023-On Power Kit

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You will need to buy this product on the website and then you are sent an email with a link to download a work order which will have the address to send you ecu to.

** While installing this kit, we would recommend doing at the same time the frame T piece here, its not much extra work and removes a point of weakness in the cooling system now these are made of plastic.

This package suits all KTM ‘GROUP’ 125 models with the new 125 TBI (Throttle body injection) engine.


This package includes:

A Billet TSP Head (Cap and Insert)

Thicker base gasket to suit TSP’s combustion design

Reflash of your stock ECU with refined Power valve settings, improved fuel and ignition maps developed by TSP.

This package makes a huge difference to the 125TBI over stock, with some key features being:

Significant mid-top RPM performance with more over-rev

Drastically improved throttle performance in the whole RPM range

Both Green & White maps are tuned and the stock map switch works like normal to select between the customised maps.

Smoother throttle response

Better fuelling

An extra 2HP+ at peak power

Much more enjoyable to ride

It features an improved combustion chamber design that gives more performance from bottom to top as well as reduced risk of detonation.


All TSP mods are designed and dyno tested in-house at TSP so you can be sure you’re getting reliable performance for local conditions.

Weight N/A
Head Incl with ECU tune

Insert, Billet Head

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