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TPI Iridium Spark Plug

TPI Iridium Spark Plug

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The only spark plug we fit to TPI bikes.

Some KTM TPI models come from factory fitted with BPR7ES. Were not sure why as the 13G iridium plug give noticeable low end response with the spluttering.

The longer 14mm reach adds 1degree timing advance and 0.1 higher compression. This might not sound much, but the resulting low-end performance is noticeable especially when riding hard Enduro terrain where throttle response is vital.

NGK Laser Iridium spark plugs provide superior ignitability and long service life. Fine wire iridium tipped center electrode and fine wire platinum tipped ground electrode ensures slow wear rate providing stable idle, superior anti fouling, improved fuel efficiency and lower emissions.

Thread Diameter 14mm

Thread Pitch 1.25mm

Seat Type Gasket

Reach 19mm (3/4")

Hex Size 13/16" (21mm)

Terminal Type Solid

Gap .050" (1.3mm)

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