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TPI DBS - Dead Battery Saver

TPI DBS - Dead Battery Saver

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DBS - Dead Battery Saver provides the ability to bump start your electric start, fuel injected KTM, Husqvarna, Husaberg or 2021 GasGas if your battery dies.

2018-23 KTM 150/250/300 TPI EXC models

2012-23 KTM 250/350/450/500 KTM EXC-F

2018-23 Husqvarna 150/250/300 TPI TE models

2014-23 Husqvarna 250/350/450/501 FE models

2021-23 GasGas EC models

2009-14 Husaberg 250/350/390/450/501/570 4 strokes with fuel injection

(KTM SXF/XCF/XC and Husqvarva FC/FX/TX models have a factory fitted capacitive electrics)

Modern TPIs are great bikes, but one issue to be aware of is the engine will not run if the battery is dead, removed or part of electric start system is damaged

For bikes with kickstart fitted the DBS will allow for even easier (one kick) starting (especially good for older gen ktms with less than reliable electric start).

Enables Bump starting when the battery is dead (or removed) on electric start / fuel injected bikes Easily Bump start or easier starting with kickstarter if fitted.

British sourced components Rubber coated for abrasion protection and water resistance Heatshrinked connectors and in-line fuse for additional protection

Designed, assembled and tested in the UK


Connect the red wire to the positive (+) terminal and the black wire to the negative/ground (-) terminal of the battery.

Secure DBS unit using cable tie in kit.

Lights must be off or headlight disconnected to start.

Electric start will NOT work if the battery is dead.... even with the DBS installed

After starting, the engine will run normally even if the battery is completely dead or removed


The capacitor stores an internal charge once connected to the battery.

When removing be sure to safely discharge unit with multimeter or 12v bulb and avoid shorting the terminals.

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