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Essential mod for all KTM / Husky / GasGas TPI engines

Due to EU emissions regulations the modern TPI engine is tuned from factory to run very lean. This maybe great for stringent emmisions regulations, but seriuosly limits the amount of fuel and more importantly oil entering the engine.

To adjust the idle on factory bike your guided to adjust the "Idle screw" on the throttle body.... What this in fact does is bypass the throttle body add injects more air without any advancement of the TPS which controls the injection of fuel/oil, therefore leaning out the mixture even more causing an even leaner mixture.... NOT GOOD.

The solution: SMX idle screw mod

To replace the idle screw we highly recommend that you use a blowlamp to heat the existing grub screw throttle stop indide the thottle body. This is held in factory set position with permenant locktight. This need to be heated up until bubbling whilst gently unscrewing the grub screw until removed.

We also recommend cleaning out the threaded hole with a tap to clean out any remaining locktight for a smooth adjustment of new idle mod screw.

SMX idle screw mods and constructed of stainless steel thread, stainless steel spring and Hard anodised alloy knurled thumb tap.

We also offer an in house idle mod service with return postage included for £39.99

Simply post your throttle body to us and we return it after installing idle mod.

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