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SEAT CONCEPTS Complete Seats

SEAT CONCEPTS Complete Seats

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Simply Place your order for which seat type you would like from options list and we will contact you to confirm material / colour options.


All Enduro/MX/Trail bike models Available Please message us for exact price for other models

Alta - Aprilia - Arctic Cat - Beta - BMW - Buell - Cobra - Ducati - Gas Gas - Harley Davidson - Honda - Husaberg - Husqvarna - Kawasaki - KOVE - KTM - Polaris - Reiju - Royal Enfield - Sherco - Ski-Doo - Sur-Ron - Suzuki - Suzuki/Kawasaki - SWM - TM - Triumph - Yamaha

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Seat Concepts seats are constructed using a foam material that is a much higher quality than OEM seat foam.
Our proprietary formula provides a more plush and active ride, while still offering the necessary amount of support.
Our unique comfort shape maintains a similar contour to stock at the front of the seat so the rider’s legs are not spread farther apart, but tapers out towards the mid-point to distribute rider weight over a greater area.

These features combine to offer a custom seat feel, and provide greater enjoyment.

Given the vast number of body shapes, height, inseam length, derriere width and natural padding, finding the the proper seat is as important as the proper handlebar bend.

Not just three different seat heights, but also widths.

The “complete seat” comes fully assembled on Seat Concept’s exact replica seat base. It is ready to install.

The shape to the saddle adds or subtracts from rider comfort based on how you are using you bike.
For all day in the saddle a XL seat is more comfortable .
Short riders are willing to give up padding with the LOW version so their feet can touch the ground.
If you like the shape of your bike’s stock seat just want better quality, firmer and a nice texture Seat Concept makes an improved Standard height model.


The Seat Concepts Standard Comfort seat mimics the stock seat in height but is 25mm wider at its widest point over the stock seat (at 45cm back from the front end).
Most significant, the foam is much plusher than the stock seat’s, and the rolled-over edges provide a gripping section for the rider’s knees.
Test rider comments were: “It felt much more comfortable than the stock seat because the foam felt softer. It seemed as though you were floating on the seat in the rough stuff.” “Ease of movement was very good.” “It was at its best when you were firmly planted in one place.” “I always thought I was going to bottom out because the foam was so much softer than the stock foam, but I never hit the seat base like I do on the stock seat foam.” “This seat would be at its best in a long moto or on a long trail ride.” “I’m 6 feet tall, and the Seat Concepts Standard seat felt lower than the KTM seat.” “I loved the shape of the seat; it seemed to have the foam in all the right places.” “It was so comfortable that the stock seat felt like a plank when I got back on it.”



The Seat Concepts Low Comfort seat is 22mm ( lower than the stock seat; it is even lower than PowerParts low seat (and a lot more comfortable).
The low seat is 1 inch wider at its widest point over the stock seat (at 43cm back from the front end).

Test rider comments were: “I’m too short to touch the ground with the stock saddle. That is the thing I hate the most about my . But with the Seat Concepts Low saddle, I could touch with both feet (toes actually).” “I’m tall enough to touch the ground on a stock seat, but the low seat made it much easier to move around on the bike. I got into and out of corners with a lot less drama because of the lower center of gravity.” “I’m 5-foot-11, but I liked the lower seat height and the foam felt firmer than on Seat Concepts’ Standard seat. I would be willing to race with the low saddle, but I could feel the seat base on hard hits.” “I’m not short, and I have long legs, so the low seat made it harder for me to get out of the saddle.” “Low seats have less foam where you sit, which means they are less comfortable.”



The Seat Concepts XL seat is the most unusual. It was very close in dimensions to the Standard seat where the rider sits, but flared out to 10 inches wide at its widest point (at 49cm back from the front end). It was 76mm wider than the stock seat.
The seat foam stuck out on the sides much wider than on the Standard or Low seats to create a very wide seating area from midway back on the saddle.

Test rider comments were: “I thought I would hate this seat. It looked like something off an adventure bike. Not only was it comfortable, I felt planted in the corners.”
“Where the sides bulged out, you could hook your legs against the wings when you leaned back in whoops or on steep downhills.” “The XL seat felt a little taller, and the foam felt stiffer than on the Standard seat.”
“This seat would be great for a 100kg rider.” “If you don’t stand up as much as you did when you were young, this is the seat for you.” “The added width made it hard to hang a butt cheek off in corners.” “It would be a great long-distance saddle.”



An Element seat is an ultimate tool for any off-road enthusiast. Whether you're an aggressive rider looking to get more traction along with unmatched comfort or fighting off a waterlogged seat in the summer and an ice block in the winter.

The Element seat comes with four traction ribs at the rear to keep you firmly planted in the cockpit comprised entirely of our gripper material. Secondly, each Element seat comes seam sealed from the inside to prevent water from penetrating into the foam.

We don't stop there, before the cover is installed each foam is covered with a thin water barrier as added protection from the elements.
Rain...Snow...Mud or anywhere in between the Element seat is a must have for year-round use.


RACE 2.0

Developed in cooperation with Rocky Mountain ATV/KTM Team riders Davi Millsaps, Blake Baggett, and Benny Bloss, the Race2.0 is the ultimate in style and function for the aggressive racer. Extra traction ribs help hold the rider in place under hard acceleration or in big braking bumps.


Available for: Alta - Aprilia - Arctic Cat - Beta - BMW - Buell - Cobra - Ducati - Gas Gas - Harley Davidson - Honda - Husaberg - Husqvarna - Kawasaki - KOVE - KTM - Polaris - Reiju - Royal Enfield - Sherco - Ski-Doo - Sur-Ron - Suzuki - Suzuki/Kawasaki - SWM - TM - Triumph - Yamaha



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