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NoMousse pro Tubeless enduro kit 18x2.15

NoMousse pro Tubeless enduro kit 18x2.15

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NomOusse pro 18 x 2,15″ ENDURO kit tubeless kit for enduro rim.

Contains nomOusse pro tire, rim protective tape, valve protection ring and a tube.

nomOusse pro
you will have maximum traction and tire life
afety not to pinch the camera and lightness
In addition, it protrudes 27 mm of the rim which provides maximum impact protection and excellent emergency rolling support.

Super tough tire, with flexible -non-elastic- Kevlar rings of double strength than steel, and reinforced meshes. Easy to assemble with your hands.

The range of use is 50 to 90 psi. We recommend 60 to 75 psi for normal use and 75 to 90 psi for super enduro and extreme use. To reduce friction, and prevent displacement, you must put 150 cc of water-based puncture gel on the offroad. Also, 50 cc of gel can be placed in the internal chamber.

IT IS IMPORTANT NOT TO PUT SIDE PRESSURE ON THE VALVES, with the bead breaker or with the offroad. To do it properly, the offroad must be end fitted at the valves zone. When disassembling the offroad, take off on the opposite side and finish removing it through the valve area, without removing the NomOusse.

The ring that forms the NomOusse must center naturally with the one formed by the offroad and the tire. If after inflating the NomOusse and the offroad in its position, you appreciate the rubber covered valve is not positioned correctly, deflate and bounce the wheel against the ground, with the valves up. Inflate again.

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