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Mitigator Radiator Guard BETA RR Racing 2020-2023

Mitigator Radiator Guard BETA RR Racing 2020-2023

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It is one of the most important protection equipment for the motorcycle. Since the Hard Enduro motorcycle is water cooled, the water circulating inside the motorcycle is in continuous circulation with the circulation pump. Our radiators are made of a very soft aluminum. Continuous air flow helps the motorcycle to keep the engine temperature at a certain level. The performance of hot engines decreases. Falls on motorcycles usually occur to the right or left. If you do not have a radiator protector, the impact will directly affect the radiator and even the slightest crack in the radiator will cause the entire piston-cylinder section of the motorcycle to burn due to excessive friction and wear.

Made of aluminum and completely surrounds the radiator, 4mm aluminum is on the sides, the protection is weak compared to the others. The air intakes of the protection, which is CNC aluminum combination, are very wide. It prevents front and side impacts.

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