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JMC JM Uni coolant with antifreeze 1.5LTR

JMC JM Uni coolant with antifreeze 1.5LTR

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JMC JM Uni coolant with antifreeze (ready to use)


Coolant and heat transfer fluid in combustion engines

Frost and corrosion protection

Also suitable for aluminum engines

Amine, nitrite and phosphate-free

Contains silicate

Classifications and specifications:

ASTM D 3306

SAE J 1034

AFNOR R-15-601

BS 6580:1992



Suitable for modern engines including aluminum engines

Also suitable for engines made of cast iron, aluminum or a combination of both metals

For cooling systems made of aluminum or copper alloys

Protects the engine, radiator and water pump from frost and corrosion all year round



Ready to use down to approx. -35° C

No mixing with water necessary

Simply pour directly into the radiator protection tank (Ready Mix)


Container: Can

Contents: 1.5 liters


Alternative: Radiator protection, Glysantin Protect Plus/ G48

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