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FIR Compression Tester with adaptors

FIR Compression Tester with adaptors

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Compression Tester with adaptors 10-12mm & 14-18mm


Easily check the compression levels of your engine. A drop in compression is the first sign that its time for a top end rebuild, without the hassle of removing heads or exhausts to make a partial inspection.

- Compression Tester, includes Dial Gauge (measures up to 300 psi).
- Note, 10-12mm & 14-18mm adaptors which fits most gasoline engines.
- An essential tool for determining gas leakage from cylinders.
- Results are read from a clear, easy to read dial on a scale that ranges from 0-300psi.
- Pressure is retained in the device and released by pressing a button on the side of the gauge meaning the test can be conducted with one person.
- FIR products are a high quality Tools, Accessories and Part and carries our guarantee of your satisfaction.

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