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EXED Extreme front lift strap pull strap

EXED Extreme front lift strap pull strap

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With our new, improved Front Lift Strap, there’s no more need for disassembling the fork tubes in the mounting process.

With its unique attachment system, you can secure it just by using the bolts and nuts provided with each Front Lift Strap ordered.

Your Exed Parts™ Front Lift Strap Package includes:

  • 1x Exed Parts™ Front Holding Lift Strap (Black/Orange)
  • 2x Plastic Shells attached to the holding strap
  • 2x Stainless Steel Screws
  • 2x Stainless Steel Nuts

Exed Parts™ brings to you its new, improved and innovative Front Lift Strap. Designed and Manufactured entirely in Europe, this Lift Strap promises a better grip than ever before while being 100% reliable in the most challenging scenarios. Tested on some of the most extreme tracks out there, this Exed Parts™ Lift Strap has proven that there is no situation it can’t get you out of. Perfect on the trail when you need to maneuver your bike over a rock, around a tight switchback, or to get it out of a deep rut.

Why choose our Dirt Bike Lift Strap?

Our Lift Strap was designed having in mind all necessities of a rider on one hand and on the other hand, all minuses that the other Lift Straps available on the market have. We’ve tested them all and come up with this product. This is precisely why this design is unique and offers the best performance ever seen.

  • Better grip than ever – thanks to the material used in crafting the restraint
  • Enough space left for grabbing it without getting your hand stuck
  • The most effective system for attaching it to the fork tubes
  • Hard-wearing, canvas-dyed polypropylene restraint
  • Weatherproof, UV protected, and heat resistant up to 120°C, long-life, durable restraint
  • Two available colors: Black/Orange
  • Easy mounting without having to disassemble the fork protector.
  • New, improved, and unique design
  • Universally compatible with all Dirt Bikes

But don’t take us for granted; place an order now and convince yourself that this is the best product on the market.

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