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The all new Dal Soggio Race FSR-48 is an innovative complete front fork that was designed and built in Italy by the owner Gianni Dal Soggio to be the top of the line. Constructed using ultra-premium ERGAL 7075T6 with hard anodizing and DLC treatment and featuring the Sphere hydraulic closed cartridge, the FSR-48 is without compromise the perfect fork for all types of riders and disciplines.

How it's done FSR-48 front fork:
The fork is in ERGAL 7075 T6 which is an incredible material and as you probably already know we use it in 85% of our components;
The outer tube is super machined inside, to have an incredible fluidity;
DLC coating outside and hard anodizing inside;
Inside you find our Sphere kit hydraulic cartidge;
SKF seals;
Axel lugs are made in ERGAL 7075 T6 too, completely machined from solid;
Axel lugs are CNC machined;
Springs from 4.4 Nmm to 5.2 Nmm

FSR-48 is available for the major brands of suspension, so for WP Xplor - WP AER/XACT - BETA MOTORCYCLES' FRONT FORK.

Why choose FSR-48?
This complete front fork was carefully designed and produced with top quality materials and components to guarantee to riders to have a perfect product, durable over time with the right mainteinance. Safety and reliability were our mission when we’ve decided to produce the FSR-48.

For which model of front fork is available?
FSR-48 is available for the major brands of suspension, so for WP XPLOR – WP AER/XACT – BETA MOTORCYCLES’ FRONT FORK.

And for the installation and setting of FSR-48?
We of Dal Soggio Race, and all our dealers, always recommend to contact the centers specialized in suspensions’ set up (you could find someone on “Retailers” page), where expert people will know quickly install and setting your FSR-48 front fork in the best way and in safety, that should never be underestimated.

What Oil is used inside FSR-48?
When you buy the FSR-48 front fork, inside there is our Cube oil 5W, with a new formula even more performing.

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