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Chain Adjust Block - KTM/HSQ/GG

Chain Adjust Block - KTM/HSQ/GG

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Adjusting the Drive chain is rarely done correctly. A chain too tight will put a excessive strain on the chain and sprocket, resulting in wear of the countershaft seal or a broken chain. A chain that is too slack will slap around and wear out the your sprockets prematurely. Take the guesswork out of adjusting your bike chain slack with a chain block

Fitment for the following models:
KTM SX/SXF/XC/XCF all models from 2011-2024
KTM XCW/EXC/EXCF all models from 2012-2024
Husqvarna all models 2014-2024
GASGAS 2021-2024

Operating instructions:

  1. Put the bike on centre stand and gear in neutral
  2. Slide the block over the chain slider with the arrow pointing toward front sprocket
  3. Adjust the chain so there is no slack, but dont overtighten chain.
  4. Keep the rear wheel aligned using the adjuster blocks on both sides
  5. Remove the Chain block
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