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CC Products Solid Rear Brake Disc

CC Products Solid Rear Brake Disc

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Another product we have been testing over the last few weeks, is the CC Products solid rear brake disc.

Focussing mainly on hard enduro application, a solid rear disc offers a much more progressive feel to the rear.

This is especially benificial when negotiating steep loose terrain in both wet and dry conditions.

The standard grooved/drilled/vented type disc are great for fast stop/start racing in motorcross, but in hard enduro enviroment these type of discs are very "grabby" and lock the rear wheel.

Not good when you heading south and gaining momentum rapidly, putting more pressure on the front brake until your face down in the dirt.

With the CC products solid disc you can regulate the braking force much easier with just enough bite to gently slow the rear wheel whilst keeping traction and balance between front and rear.

We are more than impressed with the performance of the CC Products brake disc.

With less than 0.1mm wear, and rear pads lasting approximately the same as the front (usually replace two sets of rear pads to front pads) after over 30hrs testing.

Highly recommended and available at SMXOFFFROAD.COM


CC Products brake discs are laser cut from hot rolled Swedish precision, extra high strength, cold forming steel from a carefully controlled process. This steel combines high strength with a low weight that are obtained with a raw material that has carbon and manganese with a precise addition of grain refiners such as niobium, titanium and vanadium.

The brake discs are designed with the latest Cad/Cam technology for the highest precision and the surface are zinc coated for a high finish.



KTM All motocross and enduro 89-24

SX 85 21-24

HUSQVARNA All motocross and enduro 14-24

TC 85 21-24

HUSABERG All motocross and enduro 00-13

GASGAS All motocross and enduro 95-24

MC 85 21-22

BETA RR All 2013-24

SHERCO 13-24



Outer diameter: 220 mm

Inner diameter: 110 mm

Thickness: 4 mm

Number of bolt holes: 6

Hole diameter: 6.5 mmPitch: 125 mm

Countersink: Cap bolt 11 mm

Bolt article: 1083-029

KTM OEM Art. Nr. 773.10.060.000


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