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TPS Removal Kit


  • Eliminates the TPS arm & switch
  • Provides a lighter/easier throttle response
  • Fits 2017+ 125/200/250/300 RR 2-stroke Standard & Race Editions



1. Remove the carburettor.
2. Take the cable out of the slide and set the slide aside.
3. Using a T25 Torxtool, remove the TPS control switch (the black one) from the carburettor.
4. Remove the rubber oring from the TPS and install it on the TPS plug supplied in this kit.
5. Next remove the two T20 Torxscrews on the TPS lever housing.
6. With the TPS lever and housing out, clamp the plate in a vice and remove the snap ring holding the TPS lever in place.
7. Reinstall the TPS plate (now without the lever) and the TPS plug that is included with this kit making sure the oring is in place.
8. Reinstall the carburettor making sure the throttle operates properly.


*For oil injection models after fitting the TPS delete kit, you can either just disconnect the oil pump (located in airbox), disconnect the 4 pin plug going to the back of the dash clocks, and leave the pump/oil tank/pipework where it is.

Or you can completely remove the oil pump, oil hose (don't forget to block the oil intake hole on carb boot) and oil tank. Leaving you with more room and free to premix your fuel

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