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TOP SPEED 4T 15/50W, MOTOREX 7300036 OIL

TOP SPEED 4T 15/50W, MOTOREX 7300036 OIL

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Motorex Top Speed 4T,  (Synthetic)       Part No. 7300036      

15/50W Synthetic, 4 stroke
-Synthetic, 4 stroke
-High performance engine oil
-Suitable for all 4 stroke + 2 Stroke motorcycles
-MC (molecular converted) technology, high quality base oils are refined chemically and achieve a very high level of performance
-Fault free functioning of wet multi-disc clutches
-Excellent wear protection
-Particularly good thermal and shear stability
-Reduces oil consumption
-Low evaporation loss / consumption

** Top Speed 4T has recently gone through a formulation update. The 10W/40 and 15W/50 are  now JASO MA2. With this formulation update to the new standard, the oil will no longer be green in colour, amber will be the standard colour going forward **

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