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MITAS EF07 FIM 18" Tyre

MITAS EF07 FIM 18" Tyre

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MITAS EF07 FIM Rear Tyre

EF07 Yellow - A modern type of rear type tread pattern for Enduro FIM races. Suitable for wide range of terrains. Very good grip properties and very low abrasion even in hard terrain. Best for where a fair amount of highway or greenlane riding is done.

EF07 Single Green - This is the ultimate FIM Enduro Tyre designed for the toughest of competitions. The EF07 Special Light Tyre (green band) conforms to current FIM regulations in design and tread depth but the tyre is constructed using a Trials Tyre compound. It is designed to grip and climb in the most extreme conditions, ie Erzberg, Rumaniacs, Hells Gate, Roof of Africa the Tough One etc but this tyre can also be used in any other Enduro event where FIM Tyres are required.

EF07 Double Green - The absolute ultimate Extreme Enduro FIM Tyre. This tyre is the latest edition in the Mitas Extreme Enduro range, the Super Soft, distinguishable from the normal Extreme Tyre by the double green bands around its circumference. Ultimate grip is offered in the most extreme conditions, the tyre is Super Soft and not designed for high speed racing. Erzburg, Romaniacs, Roof of Africa, all of the super hard events where skilful use of throttle is required as opposed to wheel spinning.

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